Mark (zombyshakespear) wrote,

Italy v. Argentina

I was writing a reply to an old friend who lives in LA (She's okay btw, just annoyed by the news interruptions of local TV) when I realized I had the makings for an overdue LJ entry...

Portland has two seasons: Dry and moist. The summers are amazing...sunny, dry, not humid, mild temp (70-80 degrees high 60-70 low), the rest of the year, we have really light rain half the days and temps are in the 40's and 50's (Like Cincinnati in April). We just started the cool moist season last month, but still much better than the bitter, curse-your-ancestors-for-bringiing-you-to-the-midwest cold.

We're still planning our two week trip for next year. We're down to Italy v. Argentina. I'm leaning toward Italy because they have great ruins, incredible food, and a relaxed atmosphere. Also, Italy is a small country so it will be easy to travel without a car. Argentina has spectacular scenery, a huge waterfall in the Amazon (Iguazu), glaciers and penguins in patagonia, and a world class city (Buenos Aires), but it's huge and we'd have to fly between cities.

It's hard to decide where to go...I do like hiking through ruins...that was one of the best parts of Turkey. Anywhere you hike in Turkey even in the middle of a forest, you will find remnants of houses, aquaducts, and other neat old stuff; it's a real adventure! I think Italy would be the same way since it has been a center of civilization for so long as well.

So, what's your vote? Italy or Argentina?

-We only have 2 weeks
-We can easily afford either place
-We're not big on shopping
-We like to take 1 backpack per person and stay in hostels when we travel.
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