Mark (zombyshakespear) wrote,

Reasons for optimism

1) My pharmacy manager got engaged after dating a guy for just a few months; they are having one of those whirlwind romances like when I met Marcie and I'm really happy for him.

2) I've been listening to a podcast called "12 Byzantine Rulers". It is well narrated and very interesting; it's a well documented, but forgotten part of history. It features murder, intrigue, economics, wars, humor, and complex characters.

3) THE MARKET, omg, I've been waiting for a day like yesterday for months. I had thousands of fresh 2007 IRA money waiting in a money market for the right price. Yesterday the Dow lost 400 points, the single largest drop in 5 years! To long term investors like Marcie and I, this is the best news possible! So, we jumped in...let me say, the water is feeling great.

In 7 hours I recouped half of my brokerage fees as the market rebounded. Now, I've bought some funds I've been watching for a while and I'm ready for the ride back up. BUT, you'd say, 'Zomby, how do you know it won't keep going down'? In truth, we don't know that for sure, but it's extremely unlikely. Historically, stocks rally the day after a big drop unless there's some huge outside factor involved like a terrorist attack(2001) or the rampant borrowing to speculate on a ridiculously overpriced stock market(1929).
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