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You ever wish you had a disease?

So, lab results I got today show that I don't have hypothyroidism.


I have cherished the dream of having low thyroid hormone levels for years. If you read about the symptoms of hypothyroidism they're quite vague and almost everyone has had some of them:
-Feeling tired often
-Feeling cold often
-hair loss
-many others I don't have, BUT...those first three held out hope.

The awesome thing about having hypothyroidism is that replacing your missing thyroid hormone with a tablet every day solves the problem, giving you energy, warmth, etc.

So, yeah, my thyroid is normal. This means that when I'm tired, it's because I havn't slept or eaten enough. It means that when I'm cold, it's actually cold in the room.

I'm just a normal healthy person.

Son of a bitch!
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