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You ever wish you had a disease?

So, lab results I got today show that I don't have hypothyroidism.


I have cherished the dream of having low thyroid hormone levels for years. If you read about the symptoms of hypothyroidism they're quite vague and almost everyone has had some of them:
-Feeling tired often
-Feeling cold often
-hair loss
-many others I don't have, BUT...those first three held out hope.

The awesome thing about having hypothyroidism is that replacing your missing thyroid hormone with a tablet every day solves the problem, giving you energy, warmth, etc.

So, yeah, my thyroid is normal. This means that when I'm tired, it's because I havn't slept or eaten enough. It means that when I'm cold, it's actually cold in the room.

I'm just a normal healthy person.

Son of a bitch!
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mark dude, i wonder if i might ask a favor of you. you wrote a while back that if i needed any letters of recomendation, you'd be willing to write one. looking at my profesional portfolio, the one area i am very deficient in just happens to be that area. would you still be willing to write one out for me?
Yes, certainly. For what type of job is this? Any special requests for the content of the letter? When should I have it ready? Should I snail mail or e-mail it?
thanks man. no big rush. snail mail is fine :) well, i'd basically like it just in case it would come in hand as right now i have no letters of rec :( next semester i'm hoping to work wags on the weekend, but to maybe hunt down either an internship or hospital work during the week. so, the letter may come of service towards one of those two ends.
I totally get how you feel!

I felt/still feel this way after finding out NOTHING was wrong with me (After the battery of blood tests to determine why I was having recurrent miscarriages)...I thought, at least if I HAD something (no matter how obscure) that it was treatable and I'd be able to have more kids!

I hope you can figure a way to find a healthy balance in your life and feel better again--sorry you don't have hypothyroidism! :)
Thanks, it's not your fault :).

I'm really feeling alright, I just always hoped I'd get a boost from treating a hidden disease. You know, I could be enhanced or something. Oh well.
I know how you feel!

A few years ago I was CERTAIN I was hypoglycemic, but when I got blood tests done twice, they came back normal both times. It was really frustrating because then I felt like maybe I was making it up. I've been operating under the assumption that I do have blood sugar issues no matter what the tests say, because my physcial symptoms are so strong.

And actually, I'm planning to get tested for hypothyroid. Over Christmas, I was talking to my mom and grandma about my fatigue, food-related mood swings and all of that other stuff, and my grandma basically chided me for not having my thyroid checked out sooner, because she and her siblings all have hypothyroid, which no one had ever told me.