Mark (zombyshakespear) wrote,

My dream of 1988 last night...

It's 1988 and as I imagine all the primative typewriters and paper files, Kitty Dukakis comes in to the store. She's picking up albuterol nebulizer solution in the dropper and asks me if we have prefilled nebulizer vials instead. I'm all: "I don't know. DId they have that back in 1988?" So, I check the shelf and, yes, at least in dream-1988, we have albuterol prefilled neb vials. So I finish ringing her up and she mentions she needs refills of some other drugs. Our file shows she already got them a few days before, but she claims she didn't. So, She and I along with like 20 secret service agents search her car and eventually find the drugs she thought she didn't get. End of dream.

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