Mark (zombyshakespear) wrote,

Great Day

1) Spring has sprung. We emerged from the rainy season, so now we've got consistent highs in the 50's / 60's and lows in the upper 30's / 40's. The sun is shining. Watching the snowstorms in the midwest makes everyone feel so far away... kind of like the planet Hoth or something. Anyway, back here on Alderaan, we're having a great time.

2) Thanks to some new hires and transfers, I have the best crew of Pharmacy Techs I've ever had. They're all so mind-blowingly...competent!

3) We got new carpet at work and I've gotta tell ya, I've never realized how much a difference carpet makes.

4) Oregon's May 20th Democratic Primary will probably still matter. We'll actually see candidates!

5) Trips for this year:

ITALY 5/17 - 6/1/08
Iowa - Labor Day weekend
GERMANY 9/26- 10/5/08
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So who are you going to vote for?

I'm voting Ron Paul. (If he doesn't run, I'll write him in anyway.) I'm not wasting my vote, anymore, voting for the party I want to win. From now on I'm only voting for the person I want to win.

For the record, I hope McCain loses. As long as the Dems vote Obama. I can't even image Edwards or Clinton winning.
I'm still torn between Hillary, Obama, and McCain...we'll see how things play out in the next few months.

Ron Paul, very entertaining guy, but would be a total disaster as president. For example, he clearly implies, on his website, that the Federal Reserve is devaluing American currency by increasing the money supply. This is just one example of his terribly flawed understanding of economics. I've also heard him talk about returning to the Gold standard and other idiotic ideas. So, I oppose Ron Paul on his merits not because he'll never get elected.

Why do you dislike McCain?

I think Obama is the biggest mystery thus far. He has gone on about change for months now, but has given few concrete proposals about what he would do. Modern presidents have little real power beyond foreign affairs, cabinet level enforcement(or non-enforcement), and control of the military. A president can only change things within his own administration for 4-8 years. Any lasting or dramatic changes require the full support of congress, which is very difficult to obtain with the special interests as they are.