Mark (zombyshakespear) wrote,

To Prescribers,

FACT: A Pharmacy needs a prescriber's DEA number to bill prescription insurance.

Tonight, I was for the millionth time chewed out by a physician because I asked for a DEA number.

Yes, I know that you don't have to give it to me.
Yes, I know that it should only be for narcotics.
Yes, I know it's terrible that insurance requires we identify you with it.

BUT, if we don't have it, your patient has to pay cash price for their medication. Medication is REALLY expensive sometimes.

So, if you're not going to give me your DEA number, maybe you can pay for your patient's medication.

That's the way it is...DEAL WITH IT.

And stop yelling at me for trying to get people their medications at a reasonable cost.
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